Continuum Powers QST Mobile for iPhone and iPad

Chicago, July 17, 2012 - Continuum today announced its partnership with Quick Screen Trading to provide access to exchanges worldwide, including connectivity to key European and Asian exchanges, through QST Mobile for iPhone® and iPad® applications.

Continuum's API products connect QST Mobile customers to both global market data and low-latency trade execution.

The QST Mobile application provides:

  • Streaming real-time market data
  • Trade execution
  • Support for multiple order time frames and order types
  • Position monitoring

"This collaboration between Continuum and Quick Screen Trading is another significant step in Continuum's ongoing development with partners in the mobile space. Through the QST application, we offer mobile access to our advanced global infrastructure for traders using the iPhone and iPad," said Mike Glista, Vice President of Continuum.

"Never miss an opportunity while away from the office with QST Mobile. Quick Screen Trading is excited to announce the continued expansion of our relationship with CQG and Continuum to include our suite of Apple Mobile Devices," said Scott Benz, Vice President of Sales and Business Development for Quick Screen Trading.

QST Mobile is supplied with market data through Continuum Connect, Continuum's flagship API product. For order routing, the mobile application connects to CQG's network of Hosted Exchange Gateways through Continuum's FIX 4.2-compatible FIX Connect API.

About Continuum
Continuum, a division of CQG, Inc., offers trade execution and data distribution for order execution and market data platforms, applications, and proprietary systems. Continuum leverages CQG's collocated Hosted Exchange Gateways as well as its access to over a hundred sources for global market data and to over forty exchanges for trade routing. Continuum is based in Chicago, Illinois with support worldwide. For more information about Continuum, please call 312-939-1568 in the United States, +44 207 827 8219 in the United Kingdom, or visit

Media Contact
Kelsea Michael
K. Michael Public Relations, LLC

About Quick Screen Trading (QST)
Quick Screen Trading is an industry-leading integrated futures and options trading software solution, with customers in over seventy countries and partnerships with most all major FCMs. QST combines fast and flexible order entry/order management with world-class charting and analytics. For more information, please visit or call 1-312-980-8200.

Media Contact
Scott Benz
Vice President of Sales and Business Development for Quick Screen Trading